The Silver Divide

Prologue - The Birdman Competition

GM: I’m just going to post my notes here in case they prove interesting. In retrospect I probably overthought things, but they went pretty much as expected, with the occasional cool surprise.

The Birdman Competition

This is the first Birdman competition in two years, since the incident at the last one where one person drowned and two others were hospitalised. The subsequent inquiry cleared the organisers of any wrongdoing and permission was given to go ahead with the competition, albeit with stricter controls on alcohol and more safety precautions. Despite that, a PARTY ATMOSPHERE is definitely present, with a much bigger crowd than in previous years. Loud music blares from enormous speakers, controlled by a DJ who is set up on a barge out in the harbour that is being used as a stage. Live performers play from the barge before the Birdman event, and at least one has fallen or been pushed off the side mid-performance, to great cheers from the crowd.

The competition itself proceeds in the typical fashion. Last up are Henry Bolton and Lydia. When it comes to Henry’s turn he struts out as The Final Countdown starts playing. He takes off his head-cone, plays to the crowd, yells “To the moon!” and attempts to get everybody chanting. As he leaps, he pulls a cord and the fireworks strapped to his legs ignite.
The music changes from the typical pop songs and classic anthems to an intense drum ‘n’ bass as the big screen TVs show replays of the jumps, and organisers set up a podium on the pier for prizegiving.
(Mental maneuver, incite emotion at Good (+3) vs Discipline, puts LOWERED INHIBITIONS aspect)

Superb (5) Alertness will notice unusual movements in the water beyond the barge.
As the prizegiving starts, the tempo of the music drops sharply, to very slow bass notes over what seems to be whale song.

Outwardly a dreadlocked white guy, tie-dyed shirt and other typical getup.
Sight reveals (intensity 3) instead a green-haired female humanoid, surrounded by swirling blue-black patterns, an aura of cold malice.
stats p 49
Alertness +2 Deceit +3 Athletics +4
Aquatic, Glamours, Incite Emotion (Lasting, At Range, Beguile) Inhuman Str/Recovery
Mental OO Physical OOO Social OO
Fair Initiative, Weapon 2 mental attack(Deceit vs Discipline)

Uses the sound system to affect the crowd’s emotion (extending the range of the ability), then targets individuals on the pier, starting with Henry, compelling them to jump into the water and swim out to the deep water, where Shellycobbs await.

stats p 51
(inhuman str makes grappling at +1, claws add +2 for a total of +6. Can inflict 2 stress as supplemental action)

What actually happened: Lydia had an amusing verbal interchange with Henry (who became an arch-rival with very little effort on my part), leading to him becoming RATTLED and losing the competition. At the height of the prizegiving, the nixie launched its mental attack, causing people on the pier, beginning with Henry, to leap ito the water and swim to their crabby doom. Despite this, Lydia waited until her first place medal was presented, then took stock of the situation. Lydia hexed the sound system, quickly reducing the nixie’s influence, and clueing in Dave, back on the shore, to the source of the trouble. One cold iron throwing knife later the psychic threat was ended, with minimal witnesses. The shellycobbs were then swiftly dealt with, and although several people were lost, Henry was unfortunately not among them.


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